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Music Dance Arts

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Viva Musica Academy of Performing Arts 

offers the following programs and curriculum:

Musekids Musica Music Education curriculum 

 Musekids Dansica Early Childhood Dance program


We specialize in Group performing arts education in Music Instrumentals, Vocal and young children Dance as well as providing customized private lessons, catering to individual students and family needs.


Our Music goal is to provide complete musicianship and instrumental learning while nurturing our students to apply their music training to their personal growth, development and their everyday life as a whole.

Our Dance goal is to provide a foundation program for our young children to explore the world of dance before they are ready for more enhanced dance training later in their life.

Following our holistic concept in Music, Dance and Arts Education, we nurture our students in various comprehensive ways.



We believe that students learned best using an approach where students can create a strong foundation in music, such as areas of performance, ensemble playing, ear training, sightreading, theory and other aspects of musicianship. Our own European artistic inspired pedagogy approach - MuseKids Musica Program Curriculum, and Music for Young Children Program contains elements to cover various music disciplines using our complete education pedagogy concept.​

Students are not just learning how to play a few music pieces here at our academy.  Our holistic approach nurtures our young ones to become proficient in music playing, performing, application theory and musicianship. Our teachers are directly coached by our founder Ms. Jessica Yuen, with continuous professional development throughout the year. Teachers are RCM certified teachers or musician with music degree/diploma or junior teacher who is working towards their RCM teacher certification or music degree. Our Group Piano teacher are all MYC level certified and mentored individually by our founder

Ms. Jessica. 

Adult learners are welcome, at any age or level, given that you have the love for creating music.


We believe that young babies and young children should have a chance to explore the world of music and movement using foundation dance and movement choreography and enhance their interest and development at a young children.

Ms. Jessica tried to find a program that fits for her young daughter in 2021 and further discover a gap in most dance program in the city do not offer dance program for children before school age. Our little movers program was the motivation for Ms. Jessica and her daughter to discover the importance of parented- dance class and the joy of dancing together at a young age.

Visual Arts

Offering community arts class since 2006, we have our master artist Mark who works wells with us for numbers of years. Our arts students are mostly from our music program, looking to enhance their performing arts development with additional visual arts training with us.

Executive Artistic Director

Ms Jessica Yuen, PhD(c), MBA, MRes, PG Dipl (Music), BA, HETC, MYCC

Ms. Jessica Yuen is an experienced music educator and concert performer who has a deep passion for music and music education.  She is a dedicated business owner and music teacher to over 1800 students and a versatile and active concert performer of piano, guzheng, harp, and violin. Jessica’s professional and music footprints are stretched across many continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe.

Beside her music background and current commitment in music, she is also a dance and arts enthusiast. She is Progressive-Ballet (PBT) method certified. Her dance practices and trainings include Intellidance teacher certification for young children, San Francisco Ballet Adult Summer Intensive and continuous practice with Ballet studio in London UK, including training classes from Royal Academy of Dance, Pineapple studio Covent Garden London and classes with former Paris Opera house ballet soloist in Paris France. She is a strong supporter of the Adult Ballet Community and the founder of Adult Ballet Dansica. Adult Ballet Dansica includes adult ballet intensive camp in Paris France and Banff/Calgary Alberta Canada. She has performed with the amateur adult ballet production in France and give lectures about musicality and ballet dancer in various training session and camp in the UK and France.

 She also trains for 200hours Yoga instructor certification, deepening her understanding on teaching and physical connection with body and movement; further, she enjoys working with Adult Ballet Lovers and fellow dance, barre and yoga teachers in our academy's curriculums & programs. 

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