Viva Musica specializes in Group Music education in Piano and Violin as well as providing customized private lessons, catering to individual students and family needs. Our goal is to provide complete musicianship and instrumental learning while nurturing our students to apply their music training to their personal growth, development and their everyday life as a whole.

Following our holistic concept in Music Education, we believe that students learned best using an approach where students can create a strong foundation in music, such as areas of performance, ensemble playing, ear training, sightreading, theory and other aspects of musicianship. Our own European artistic inspired pedagogy approach - MuseKids Musica Program Curriculum, and Music for Young Children Program contains elements to cover various music disciplines using our complete education pedagogy concept.​

Students are not just learning how to play a few music pieces here at our academy.  Our holistic approach nurtures our young ones to become proficient in music playing, performing, application theory and musicianship. Our teachers are directly coached by our founder Ms. Jessica Yuen, with continuous professional development throughout the year. Teachers are RCM certified teachers or musician with music degree/diploma or junior teacher who is working towards their RCM teacher certification or music degree. Our Group Piano teacher are all MYC level certified and mentored individually by our founder Ms. Jessica. 

Adult learners are welcome, at any age or level, given that you have the love for creating music.