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Musicianship THEORY

MUSEKIDS Musicianship & Theory

MuseKids Musica Theory is a practical musicianship and theory enhancement class in a group setting in order to enhance music collaboration. Students should enroll to when they are in RCM grade 3 to enhance their written theory & practical musicianship such as sightreading and ear training, general practical understanding of music, including improvisation harmony.


This is the FIRST step to get into our Elite PIANO and STRINGS program, Orchestra & Ensemble playing. (Audition assessment required, piano or violin)

Addition to your private lesson, the class enhance students' music learning with theory, musicianship, music collaboration with peers and techniques in composition, improvisation and more. 

The RCM Musica group can also be an enhancement program for private students who are interested to supplement onto their private instrumental or vocal lesson. They can enroll onto the class as a theory and musicianship students as the ENTRANCE REQUIREMENT for our Elite Music Student Club, with Ms Jessica. 


Joining this class as an enhancement to their music studies, student can focus their private lesson on instrumental playing technique and repertoire learning, without having their private teacher covering all OTHER aspects of music learning in their private lesson time.

If you are maintaining your private instrumental or vocal lesson, students in various Royal Conservatory of Music level can join into our class accordingly.

(Pricing: Please contact us for assessment AND audition BEFORE registration)


If you are currently taking the following length of private lesson:​

  • 30 mins private lesson - absolute beginner to RCM Gr 2

  • 45 mins private lesson - RCM Gr 3 to Gr 6

  • 1 hour private lesson - RCM Gr 7 to Gr 10/ARCT


Mission to provide a comprehensive music learning experience: 

Learning Music should be comprehensive with techniques, musicianship and theory along with repertoire playing as a complete package to develop as a music learner. Ms. Jessica has developed this ongoing group classes approach for more than 25 years and students in group classes are excel in different aspects of music learning, evidenced by previous student's achievement in RCM Exams and academics. 

Contact us and schedule a time with Ms. Jessica for further details on her methodology and our group approach in Music education.

  • MuseKids Musica theory introductory alongside RCM theory 2 to 4

  • MuseKids Musica theory intermediate alongside RCM theory 5 and 6

  • MuseKids Musica theory pre-advance alongside RCM theory 7  and 8

  • MuseKids Musica theory advance alongside introducing RCM harmony and history 9 & 10 & RCM ARCT to                  post-secondary Music in College and University prepration

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