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Dance Lesson
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Adult Ballet

Community class (Adults & Teens or Pre-Teens)

Beginner/General Ballet

Video-lead Practice along with Ms. Jessica for adults who are looking to explore the world of ballet technique or to practice. 

$8 studio fee for each class (pre-arranged 4+ hours ahead only, no drop-ins)

(Package class studio fee package available, $60 for 10 classes pass)

Children with their parents joining the class welcome (age 9 and above)

studio fee per person applies 

Spring Semester 2023 April to June

Sunday 1:30-2:20pm PENDING

active wear, socks/ ballet slippers

(non-marking black sole) required

Dance wear available: (generic brand)

Ballet Slipper $25+ GST

(special order only)


Bloch or Capezio brand dancewear package available

(Special order only)

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