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RCM MUSICA group piano

RCM Musica is a piano group approach, continuing the legacy of the Music for Young Children program. RCM Musica further leads students to learn in a group, in fun and interactive ways, while completing the entire RCM requirement for the grade.

Student in RCM Music Group Piano may audition to the ELITE MUSIC STUDENT CLUB with Ms Jessica


The program covers:

Solo repertoire, études, techniques, musicianship (ear training and sightreading) and theory, under the Royal Conservatory of Music Canada syllabus PLUS

Classical music appreciation, Composing techniques and improvisation with various modern music approach and practical ensemble piano playing.

Student will aim to complete all the requirement of the RCM levels piano components and able to complete RCM exam in the end of school year. Addition add on private lesson may require if students would like to prepare and perfect performance skills to RCM Exam or competition festivals.

THE RCM MUSICA ROUTE: Classes are 60 mins includes all components of class
Classes are OPEN level class where multiple levels of students with more than one teacher and co-teacher in the classroom.

RCM Musica 2 - the next level (RCM Gr 2) after MYC Moonbeam 3 (Gr 1 RCM exam) 60 mins

RCM Musica 3 - RCM level 3 60 mins

RCM Musica 4 - RCM level 4 60 mins

RCM Musica 5 - RCM level 5 60 mins

RCM Musica 6 - RCM level 6 60 mins

RCM Musica 7 to 10 - Assessement with Ms Jessica only.

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