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How taking dance classes enhance caregiver-child relationships

According to a recent survey, the typical busy parent drives their children about for the equivalent of 63 days nonstop to and from school, activities, and other commitments. Caregivers spend 1,560 minutes traveling to and from dancing in a typical year.

The majority of parents agree that accompanying their children to their activities helps them bond with their child, and eight out of ten say they look forward to this time spent together despite the long hours spent together.

Nowadays, kids have more obligations than ever, so adding another activity could seem daunting. Due to the fact that investing their time might appear even more expensive than spending money, parents may also be hesitant to enroll in a class.

Do not worry because we have you covered here at Musekids Dansica, Calgary modern dance school that might help you. Your family will feel they have the children’s artistic needs under control after taking a music and/or dance lesson together!

Here are five reasons why you should take dance classes with your child:


Since it seems hard to find enough time for everything, we are constantly seeking for effective multitasking techniques. In addition to providing your child with physical exercise and mental stimulation, signing up for a dancing class together ensures that you will have quality time together.


You are ready, prepared, and focused, yet you are unable to leave the sofa despite having made all the required preparations. Many of us have felt this way yet are unsure of how to deal with it. If you or your child struggles with motivation, taking a class together can help you both stay motivated and keep one another inspired.


Being in the same dance class as your child will give you the chance to view their skills in a different way, unlike report cards, recitals, or even watching from the sidelines. Many parents are shocked by how naturally their kids can do movements that adults would find challenging. A new dynamic between your family could even emerge as a result of your shared connection with the teacher.


Parents may also have a propensity of underestimating their children's challenges, similar to how they overlook strengths. Together, they will perform in a class, allowing you to see their limitations and allowing them to understand how vulnerable their parents are. By recognizing such commonalities with your child, you might learn a lot about one another.


Parent-child dancing lessons emphasize having fun above everything else. It's much too simple to become mired in the stress and worry of modern life. Musekids Dansica wants to provide your family with a secure setting where they can connect through the joyous art of dance. Making time for pleasure promotes mental health and renews your soul.

Kids of all ages may discover and express themselves via our numerous dance lessons at Muskids Dansica Calgary. Our dance academy in Calgary has a ton of activities for our young dancers to enjoy and learn from! Visit us at to find out more about our Calgary dance and music courses for your kids.

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