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The Benefits of Music and Dancing for Preschoolers

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

You can't help but smile if you've ever seen preschoolers moving to the music. They like the sensation of swaying to the music and movement when we engage them.

However, music and dance are much more than merely enjoyable for kids. Musekids Musica and Muskids Dansica Calgary can involve family bonding, helping our little ones explore the world of music, dance and movement and get them moving. Preschoolers can benefit much from taking part in the performance arts as well.

At our Calgary Dance studio, our teachers come from various backgrounds and training such as ballet, intelli-dance for young children, Montessori, hip hop, contemporary, and more. We enjoy involving our little dancer to class, seeing them moving to music is the most enjoyable moment of our life. Especially when they are wearing their dance costumes and perform in one of our stage theaters at the seasonal recital, those are the best moments for family and friends to enjoy the success of our little ones.

Here are 5 Benefits of Music and Dance for preschoolers:

Dance and music stimulate the brain.

Through music, kids may learn new things including words, sounds, and patterns. They can also experiment with and have control over their motions via dancing. These exercises are fantastic for growth and encourage neural connections in the developing brain.

It fosters communication abilities.

Children learn social skills and how to connect with others when they are gathered together for songs, rhymes, and activities. They gain social and listening abilities that will help children feel more confident and more prepared for school.

Using music and dance, children may express themselves.

Happy, tense, or worn out? Kids may express themselves and let their emotions out by participating in artistic activities. It's a wonderful chance for kids who can't yet express their ideas in words.

It promotes athletic prowess

Young musicians and dancers acquire abilities including coordination, control, and balance. Moving and singing while doing aerobic exercise is also beneficial for lowering stress levels, improving physical fitness, and maintaining general health.

The arts of dance and music foster imagination and creativity.

Music and dance inspire kids to be interested and inventive since they spend more time in front of devices than playing outside. They may be able to study foreign civilizations through the arts thanks to this creative outlet.

Engaging kids in singing and dancing will have a huge positive impact on their development. Children develop their confidence in their ability to communicate themselves and their ability to empathize with others by speaking freely using their voices, faces, and bodies. Most kids appear to truly like taking part in musical activities, whether they are singing along to a song, playing an instrument, or dancing about the classroom.

Calgary kids would love to join and try out dance lessons. There are a lot of dance classes in Calgary, but finding the best one that caters to the needs of your toddler is a factor you need to consider. We specialize in music and dance for young children, starting at 6 months old, you can enjoy being the observer in class or engage in your own Calgary baby music dance and movement class. When they are 1 years old, they are definitely ready for their own parented music and dance class and at age 4, they are be unparented and explore their own music and dance adventure!

At Muskids Dansica Calgary, kids of various ages can explore and express themselves through our different dance classes. Our Calgary dance studio is equipped with lots of fun and learning for our little ones! For more information about our Calgary dance and music classes for your kids, visit us at to learn more.

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